Home FAQs
How can I help publicize the website?

As you know with any fresh site on the web, much work is required to get its name out to people and get it going. You can help promote the website by telling your family members and others about it. You can also have the link to the site posted on your facebook site (if you have one) so that any family member that looks at your facebook page may also visit the site. Ultimately word of mouth is one of the best ways for news of this great website to get around.

Don't forget to register yourself with the site, as this will be the key to securing information on the site in the future, and no do not worry about getting spammed by providing your email address, as the only emails I will send out, if any will be related to the updates on the website.

I am always looking for suggestions and opinions on the website, as far as what you'd like to see on here, or if you feel something on the site would look better if it was presented a different way. So, let me know.

Who is behind the creation of this website?
Hello my name is Eli Kohanchi, or Houman as some family members would call me. I am behind the creation of The Kohanchi Family website, and I serve as the administrator of the website. I can go on talking more about but that's not what this site is about. Rather you can read more about me if you wish on my personal site, or you can contact me through me the website.
What will be included in the Kohanchi Family website
The site will serve to host many things such as news of up-coming event, occasions, family photos and many many things. Be sure to check back later for a full listing of planned items to be posted on website...
Can I post something to the Kohanchi Family Website?
YES! That is the point of the website, any Kohanchi member or someone related to can post onto the site. The only requirement for who can post to the site, is well to be a Kohanchi or closely related to. Depending on how individuals feel about it, I may open this up to close family friends as well, a poll willl be provided later to see how people feel about this idea.